Tip Clinic and New Bows in NYC

We’re happy to announce a long-overdue trip to NYC this coming May! The Yeats road show will be in the Apple in mid-May to show a few new Yeats violin bows and to address the current tip issue with clients’ bows. I’m certain everyone is aware of how difficult authorities are making it to travel with any sort of ivory tips on bows. With the increased scrutiny of instruments and recent, more rigorous enforcement of the elephant ivory ban, many musicians are ready to make the switch to a non-ivory alternative. I will be offering a tip replacement service for bows with my two preferred replacement materials, silver or ebony. I have not found a suitable, artificial ivory replacement material and prefer not to use any material that could be mistaken for elephant ivory by customs officials. My silver tips are glued, not pinned, to prevent any future cracking issues that may result from the use of pins. The ebony is a very dense and strong version that I have available and have used recently on a few Francois Peccatte shop bows with great success.
IMG_1943Although the ebony is a bit more fragile than mammoth, it is gorgeous material, and the finished head is reminiscent of early Dodd bow heads. The choice of tip material depends upon the weight and balance of your bow and your style of playing. An ebony tip will be a lighter weight. A silver tip will be the same weight or heavier.
Those interested in seeing my new bows or having tip work done, kindly e-mail for available dates to schedule a bow trial or reserve a space in the tip-clinic schedule. The cost of replacing a tip will be $125 for ebony, $195 for silver.
We look forward to seeing everyone in May.