Move to Amsterdam

Our move to Amsterdam was completed last month.  I am very pleased to announce that I have set up  shop in the Muziek Gallery Matelski, Sarphatipark 74, across from beautiful Sarphatipark in Amsterdam.

I am enjoying a collaboration with Moti Matelski, who has had a presence in De Pijp for about 30 years.  My shop space is in the front of his ground floor studio, so I am still getting used to being a street presence and the subject of dozens of tourist videos.



One of the many benefits of living in Amsterdam is the 10 minute walk to the shop through Sarphati Park. Located just south of the center of Amsterdam, the park is named after Samuel Sarphati, a doctor of Portuguese-Jewish origin, who played an important role in developing aspects of 19th century Amsterdam. The beautiful fountain in the middle of the park is dedicated to his memory.


The park is home to many ducks, Egyptian geese, and a pair of fearless gray heron. The shop is located directly behind the red car.